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A real horrorshow book, one of the best I’ve viddied of late.

A real horrorshow book, one of the best I’ve viddied of late.

Fun Fact: A significant number of public restrooms in Copenhagen are unisex (the bathroom is divided into individual stalls each with their own toilet and sink), so y’all needn’t worry about navigating a binary gender system filled with strict social taboos just to take a leak.

Ta Ta For Now!

With the 365th song and film posts I made yesterday, it would seem that I’ve reached the end of this little blog (at least in its current state).  It’s been a whole year of movies and music, and at last I’ve finally wrapped up this experiment of mine!  (If you missed my post a while back about the reason for this blog’s conclusion, you can check it out here.)  

Anywho, I likely won’t be very active on this blog now that its regular programming has ended.  However, I may come back to it when I return home from my studies abroad and reinvent it somehow.  In the meantime, feel free to check out my new blog where you can read all about my misadventures in Copenhagen this semester.

Thanks for your interest and support over this past year, everyone.  I’m off to new adventures, so in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

The past two (three?) days have been rather full as I’ve been getting settled into my new digs here in Copenhagen, and I only just got complete wifi access yesterday.  As such, I haven’t posted songs or films for two days, but they’re here now!  I’m v apolosorry!

I am so amused when the “low battery warning” window appears on my laptop. It’s like, “Uh, hey there, bud… You know I’m gonna die soon… right?”